Kim Heller

@ Writer, Political Strategist, and Commentator

Kim Heller is a Writer, political strategist and commentator, strategic communication, media, and social economic development specialist.  She is an independent media, social and political analyst.  Kim’s writings on the lack of social and economic transformation and justice in South Africa have been published, both locally and internationally.

Kim’s outspoken views on white supremacy, privilege and power have been televised in South Africa and beyond.  She is currently working on two non-fiction books.  Politically, Kim has worked on national and provincial political campaigns, conducted political polling and post-campaign analysis for the ANC, Independent Newspapers and the EFF.

Ideologically, Kim is a strong advocate for radical economic transformation.   Kim was a member of the ANC for many years and left the ANC to join the EFF in 2014. Kim was the first democratically elected Deputy Secretary of the EFF in Gauteng.  Kim is no longer affiliated with any political party. She is the author of No White Lies: white power and black politics in South Africa, and is currently working on a book on white supremacy in democratic South Africa.

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