Batouly Camara

Founder @ Women and Kids Empowerment (W.A.K.E)

Batouly Camara, a native New Yorker with family roots in Guinea, West Africa, can be described as one with an enthusiastic and passionate spirit. She is a first-generation scholar-athlete with a Master’s Degree in Sports Management and three Final Four appearances at the illustrious University of Connecticut. Batouly has went on to create these same opportunities for young girls around the world with her NGO, Women and Kids Empowerment (W.A.K.E), a nonprofit that works to use the sport of basketball to educate, equip, and empower young girls by providing education, elite training, and life skills to access their limitless potential.

Finally, Batouly has a Tedx lecture titled “A Mirror of Hope: Seeing is Believing” in which she advocates for providing opportunities for women and children through education and sports. Batouly can be spotted often with her basketball and hijab – proudly representing her Muslim identity. She is a phenomenal representation for younger Muslim girls.